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Affordable Small Business Loans

LendBerry Gets Businesses OUT of Cash Advances!

  • With our cash advance consolidation loan programs we can free up a significant amount of cash flow for your company by lowering the total amount you spend on loan re-payments each month by half or more.
  • If you qualify we are able to remove the stress of daily or weekly ACH cash advance re-payments by getting your business into a monthly re-payment loan program that can extend out from 18 months to 4 years in duration.
  • We may also be able to get your business more working capital in the process of consolidating its cash advance balances. 


    Let’s say your business has 4 cash advance balances totaling $150,000 with daily payments being ACH’d that total $2,500 (about $50,000 monthly). If that were the case and we could get your business an 18 month consolidation funding with just one payment of less than $11,000 per month payment (instead of 4 daily ACH payments), this would save your business about $39,000 monthly. If this sounds like something that you may need for your business then contact us now toll free at (844) LENDBERRY. That’s (844) 536-3237


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Step 3: Apply for financing and get approved!

Call (844) LENDBERRY That’s (844) 536-3237, or e-mail us right now at info@lendberry.com for more information or for an application and all necessary forms, or you can fill out the contact form to the right and we will get back to you soon for your free initial consultation.

NOTE: If you were contacted by one of our authorized representatives please provide their name when you call in or if you fill out the contact form or email us. If they are not available immediately we will have them get back to you as quickly as is possible. 

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