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About LendBerry

LendBerry is a full service business finance consulting group. We have over 100 private lenders, factors, hedge funds and banks within the LendBerry Partner Network, and we service all States with cash advance consolidation consulting services..

LendBerry’s primary service is assisting small to mid size businesses with cash advance consolidations.

LendBerry’s mission is to help small to mid size businesses who have become entangled too deep in the cash advance cycle to become whole and profitable once again.

LendBerry does not provide any personal financial advice, only advice on alternative business financing options as available to each individual business client.

For a free initial consultation call (844) LENDBERRY today or just fill out the contact form and click the “Send” button underneath.

NOTE: All loans and financing are subject to lender approval. Lendberry Inc. makes no guarantees either written or implied that it will secure funding for your business. Your business must meet the criteria and be approved by at least one of our network or affiliate lenders or funding sources. We have a high success rate because we know what can fund and what will not. Thanks for taking the time to review our website.


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